Jul 22

Understanding the Basics of Heatmap

Understanding the basics of heatmap for better conversions | Mockingfish

It is rightly said that “If you want to make the most of a situation, it is important to have a complete understanding of the concerned elements” for avoiding any confusion and mismanagement in the later stage. There has been a great speculation and gossip about heatmaps regarding their overview, performance, importance and types for making the most out of your business entity.

If you are thinking about utilizing the heatmaps for the growth and performance of your online business, it is important to introspect the whole scenario before taking any concrete steps. In order to have a clear understanding of the basics of heatmap, you need to have the effective answers to some of the questions that are poised below.

  1. What are heatmaps?
  2. What is the importance of heatmaps in online business?
  3. What are the different types of heatmaps for a website?

It will be wonderful if you do have the answers to all the questions that are discussed above but if you are looking for the possible answers, you need to take a quick look below:

Heatmap- It is a website tracking technique where a colored report is created based on the user interaction and level of customer engagement on your site for a complete overview of the visitor activity. Here, user activity and mouse click behavior is tracked and recorded to interpret where do visitors spend most of their time on your site. The most engagement areas of visitors (hot areas) on your site are represented in bright colors like red, orange and yellow whereas the less engagement areas (colder areas) are represented in purple, green and other such tones.

Importance of heatmap in online business- Till now, we must be aware about the terminology known as heatmap, it is now time to move towards the understanding of a more crucial question regarding their role in online business environment. Let us now discuss about the importance of heatmaps for your online business as stated below:

  1. Heatmaps provide information about the mouse click activity of your visitors which thus helps in improving the effectiveness of CTA buttons through mouse click tracking. It provides a clear idea where your CTA button needs to be placed on your site for getting a particular task accomplished by your targeted customers.
  2. It helps in improving the user engagement and customer attention on your website.
  3. Heatmaps can help in enhancing the usability of various elements on your site like heading, images, web forms, CTA button and much more.
  4. The heatmap reports helps in better customer acquisition as well as targeting for higher conversions and sales.
  5. You can improve the website design, navigation, scroll ability, usability and conversion potential through the help of various heat maps.

Types of heatmaps- Just like “One shoe size does not fits all”, so there are different heatmaps that are built for different purposes. We are here decoding the various types of heatmaps for online businesses as per our Mocking Fish heatmap tool. To understand their use in the business environment, you need to have a quick look below:

Click Heatmap- Mouse clicks are a crucial part of customer behavior tracking and analysis. With the help of this click heatmap, site owners can get a clear information about the most clicked and less clicked areas of their website. It will help them in improving the performance of CTA button on their website.

Scroll Heatmap- If you are not aware about the scrolling behavior of your customers, this scroll heatmap is definitely for you. It will help you understand the scrolling depth of your site visitors and will help in effective utilization of “real estate” of your website.

Insight Heatmap- Insight heatmap helps in accomplishing the crucial task of customer acquisition and targeting with great ease for achieving higher conversions. You can get a wide range of detailed customer information like device and window size used, time of browsing, browser used, segregation of customers based on their interests, origin source of your site traffic and other such crucial data.

Mouse move heatmap- This brilliant heatmap tool helps in analyzing and recording the mouse clicks and movements on a site. It provides the overall information about the mouse movements on your website for effective understanding of the browsing behavior of your visitors.

Attention heatmap- If you are experiencing less customer attention and engagement on your website, this heatmap may help you out. Attention heatmap reports provide information about the navigation activity of visitors on your web page in horizontal and vertical scrolling. It can help in improving the performance of your web pages with rich quality content and website design.

Envelope heatmap- Through this heatmap reports, you can have a clear information about the number of clicks on the different elements of your site like header, text link, CTA button, banner ads, images and other such components. The click activity is described in colored dots along with the information about percentage of clicks upon total number of clicks on a web page.

List heatmap- When you need a complete information about our web tracking and heatmap tool MockingFish, this is the heatmap you need. It provides the detailed information in the tabular sheet that consists of columns like “Elements”, “Type”, “Clicks” and “Percent” for getting a better idea about the performance of each site element.

For establishing your supremacy in the particular online business environment, you need to take the assistance of heatmap tools for better conversions and sales. I would recommend you to go for this MockingFish heat map due to its simple and engaging user interface design, high reliable results, variety of heatmaps and other such features. Most importantly, this website tracking tool is available for a year without any cost with its startup plan whereas its enterprise plan is available for just $10 per month only.