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What are the benefits of Multivariate testing for your website?

What are the benefits of Multivariate testing for your website | MockingFish

Testing is more often devised as a traditional way of checking the performance of any business or process. The same goes true for the e-commerce world, where testing your website is described as the best way to analyze the market potential and conversion optimization extent of your website. Multivariate testing is one such testing technique which assists you in doing so. It allows you to locate those lacuna’s which are preventing the visitors from taking a call on your CTAs, reading the content on your website and eventually completing a transaction. A Multivariate testing allows you to take a test for a variety of combinations of CTAs, text, images, banner etc. so as to make you analyze which combo or variations is driving the maximum conversions. Here, we will look at those benefits which a Multivariate test brings for your website.

Benefits of Multivariate testing

Benefits of Multivariate testing | MockingFish

Let’s take a look at the various advantages of a Multivariate test.

Provides behavior analysis:

A Multivariate test allows you to analyze the behavior of the customer and their preference pattern by providing you the stats on variations vs its conversion effects. This becomes crucial in re-orienting the customer connectivity of your website. The better you re-orient according to the customer’s intent the more you will drive the chances of conversions.

Surfaces dead substance:

The results of a Multivariate test will help you to locate those elements that are contributing minimal or nothing to your conversions while occupying a fair bit of page share. These elements can be some text, content, image, banner etc. You can locate and replace those elements with something which catches the visitor’s reference and channelize some conversions. Thus, you will be able to channelize an area which was otherwise not contributing anything to the conversions.

Guides you on structurization:

Placement of elements at the right location on your web page is very crucial when you are targeting a conversion optimization through your website traffic. The importance of placement can be realized from the fact that a visitor is likely to devote more than 80% of the time that he/she spends on your web page reading above the fold. This means that if you are not placing the relevant content at the top, then, you are reducing your conversion chances to just 20%. A Multivariate test allows you to locate such placements with the help of conversion variations due to a difference in placement patterns of each variations.

Allows you to test from a wide range of combinations:

More often than not you have to discard your desire of choosing a combination of elements for your testing experiment as the traditional testing tools like A/B testing allows you to make only a single change at a time. A multivariate testing overcomes this problem and allows you to choose from a wide combination of elements to vary. This increases the testing options that you can utilize to tap on your conversions.

Final say

By now you might have realized that a Multivariate testing allows you a whole range to test from. You can take Multivariate testing with any of the online tools that is available in the market. A proper utilization of a Multivariate testing tool with a heatmap tool would be enough to provide the hidden insight to your website’s secrets. They will help you to improve conversions with improvement in UI and UX on your site.


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