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What can you learn from heatmap?

What can you learn from heatmaps | MockingFish

Heatmap is often rated as one of the most effective tool in conversion optimization arena. It’s effectiveness and efficiency are hidden from none. A large number of websites step on to take a heatmap analysis for their web pages to analyze the behavioral and navigational pattern of the visitors on their website. This analysis has bought success to many business set-ups as they have been able to generate certain increment on their conversion front. However, the thing which most of these successful venture have in common is the channelization of the learnings that they have gained through the effective analysis of heatmapping results. We will here discuss those learning’s which can be attained from heatmaps.

Learning’s from heatmap

What can you learn from heatmaps 2 | MockingFish

Let’s take a look at the various learning’s that a heatmap analysis brings along.

What is driving the attention?: The first learning that heatmap tool bring to your website is the understanding about what is driving the traffic and what not. You can easily determine that which elements (say image or a particular headline) are drawing the traffic and which one are acting as a dead rubber. This will help you in replacing those space fillers with some effective and relevant content that can boost conversions.

What is acting as distract?: Apart from giving the information about the attention drawers heatmap helps you in determining those elements that are acting as distract-er from the main content. For example, it will help you track that specific, image or banner that is diverting the attention from Your CTAs. You can utilize this piece of information to re-orient the structure of your website.

How effective is your web page navigation?: Ease of navigation is what visitors on your website desire for. How effective is your navigation? and are visitors finding it smooth enough? Is what that you can derive from your heatmap analysis. This natty piece of information helps you in making informed decisions and bringing the level of your conversion to an all-time high.

Content and gender analysis: Another major take-away that you can have from the heatmap is the analysis of the quality of your content and the gender based break-up of visitors on your website. You can determine the quality of the content by analyzing the average time spent or clicks made by the users.While by gender break-up you can analyze about the preferences of the male and female audience and initiate some change accordingly.

Final say

Heatmap is no doubt an effective tool for your website. However, it is effective as long as you are able to channelize some learning’s out of it. This learning’s will assist you in making structural, reorientation, and placement related changes for your website which will eventually assist the conversions.


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