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What do you learn from Heatmaps?

What exactly are Heatmaps?


Heatmaps are one of the best ways to acquire valuable information about the visitors coming to your website. The tool allows the eCommerce marketers to analyze the customer’s behavior. It is one method that offers insights which other tools cannot. Hence, heatmaps are definitely beneficial for your website and the conversion rate.

Heatmaps are about 5 in number and all of them are revealing a different information about the customers. Used by many experts and web developers for years, heatmaps have become an essential way to transform your website the way customers would click on the places where you want them to click. Thanks to the information they provide, there’s plenty of tips and tricks out there on how to improve the design of your website.

Let’s head to the findings that are worth learning from the different heatmaps.

What your customers like should always be on the top

We all know that the attention span is short in users browsing the internet. You can have a closer look at this in this study done by NN Group. It clearly states that the viewer’s attention falls back sharply once he/she goes beyond the first fold. So, if you really want your customers to pay attention to the important content, you have to keep it above the first fold.

The same study also laid down the stats that:

Above the fold – 80.3%
Below the fold – 19.7%

These stats show that user attention is about 80.3% above the fold whereas; it falls down to 19.7% when they go beyond the fold. Now you know what you have to do.

What stands out is definitely the last choice

In a study, it was noted that when a customer is in a hurry to purchase something, there is a greater chance that he/she would opt for the product that is frequently displayed on the screen or something that stands out among the others. Moreover, if the user has minimal knowledge about the product they are buying, then there are higher chances of investing in the products that stand out.

You can optimize your landing page with the heatmap tool and improve your landing page performance. This way, you’ll be able to understand what you’re visitors are looking for in a better way.

People read in the ‘F’ pattern

F Pattern

Some years ago, there was a Nielsen study looking into how users interact with Google search engine results. It talks about where the customers click and look at. Later in the study, it was concluded that the viewers view the content in an ‘F’ pattern.

Even after these many years spent, the ‘F’ pattern still exists. And this is not only about search engine listings. It looks like that the pattern also exists for large blocks of content.

Hence, what you need to do is – you should always display your essential content top left corner of the page. It’s quite unfortunate, actually, but the more you have to say, the fewer people are willing to listen.

The direction of the eyesight in the image matters

You would see marketers using people in the images that they use. You should also know that images are a must for every eCommerce business to gain momentum. Images can kill your conversions and so can they increase the same. With the use of heatmaps, you would be able to make your visitors look in a certain direction where you want them to look.

Hence, you can make the best use of your images and people in them by placing the content where the person in the image is eyeing. As a result, the visitors will automatically be driven towards that content.

Make it stand out in order to sell it


Picture credit: SlideShare

This study by Cision might be done a few years but has a lot of value when it comes to “What you see is What you Buy”. According to the study, if there is a rush in buying something, the consumers would always choose the products that stand out. Well, the buying impulse will increase as the rush increases.

According to this aspect, the visual impact of the products can override consumer preferences. The situation rapids up when the consumer is preoccupied and there’s a rush with a distracting environment. What you can do is optimize the design of your website in order to help them find what they’re looking for and make sure you make what you want to sell pop out among the other options in the same category.

Make use of the contrast to guide your visitors

This study done by TechWyse mentioned the importance of color contrast in guiding the visitors to the different pages on the website. They tested the landing pages using the heatmaps in order to have a closer look at the visitor’s behavior. As a result of the study, it was the concluded that the informational elements that talked about pricing and being non-clickable at the same time are the spots that the visitors spend a lot of time and attracted a lot of them because of its contrast-colored feature.
You can just optimize your website’s landing elements with a contrast-colored elements that you want your visitors to focus on.

If you want your visitors to pay attention – Use human Images

Images are worth a thousand words or probably more. When you talk about conversion rate optimization of your website, images play an essential part. The eCommerce websites have been incorporating high quality images in order to lure the visitors to convert.

The NNGroup conducted a study that users don’t like stock photos. According to the study, people spent 10% more time viewing the portrait photos than reading biographies even when the bios consumed 316% more space of the page.

NN Group

Picture credit: NNGroup

Whether or not, the same is applicable for social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. As a result, it is suggested that if you want your visitors to find you credible, incorporate actual people images.

A smile makes visitors click more

A smile makes a lot of difference. If you really want your visitors to pay attention, the images with smiles can actually get the work done for you, according to this study done by Specs. As content marketing strategies, being recognized is quite an important part. How can you really make an impression? You can post your own photo with a smile next to your content so that your visitors start relating with your work.
The same tactics can be used for your social media profiles or pages. When you post a good picture on your social media profile, you get a lot of attention from your visitors. So smile!


Being a part of the conversion rate optimization strategies, heatmaps let you know a lot about how customers are reacting to your site and everything on it.


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