Feb 13

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Testing Tips For Dummies

“There is always a room for improvement everywhere.”

Before making a decision to go through an A/B test, you need to understand what your customers appreciate and value about your product/services. What are the factors that compel your visitor to make a purchase or opt-in for your service? Have you ever tried to find answers for it? If no, then continue reading this blog. I promise, it would surely help you out.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B Test is all about segregating your visitors equally into two, wherein some would see the “Control” or original version A of your web page and the remaining would see version B or “Variation”. It is very helpful to evaluate the performance of landing page, email or other web elements. With multiple versions of different elements being created and tested, this test is helpful for maximizing conversion rates and improving sales performance of any website.

This blog shares the two most important web page element, i.e “Call To Action” (CTA) and “Website layout”. These two elements are the hottest section of your website as they contribute a lot to attract visitors attention. Moreover, if your website gets the maximum traffic through these two elements, it is definitely going to bring maximum profit for your business. Therefore, with the help of this post, we have tried to share knowledge on “how to perform A/B testing of the two elements.” Keep scrolling below to know how to A/B test!!

How To Do A-B Testing-

1. Call-To-Action Buttons- So, what really is a call for action? CTA or “Call To Action” is a specific and actionable direction given to your reader. It can be in the form of button, graphic or text message in place to encourage your visitor for completing a desired goal. “The better your call to action, the higher will be your conversion rate.”

Example of “Call To Action” on websites-

“Register” / “Sign Up”/ “Buy Now”


2. Testing the CTA- “Text”induce visitors to take an immediate action. In the below given example two different versions of CTA were created with different text and color variation.

“Sign Up For Our Newsletter”(200 Clicks)

“Get Started”(100 Clicks)


A/B test was conducted with each version of CTA placed on different landing pages. The maximum number of visitors who clicked on “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” were 200 whereas those who clicked on “Get Started”were 100. So, you can easily view on the image that CTA button which gets the maximum clicks is finally decided as a clear winner.

From the results obtained above, it is clear that people clicked the most on “Sign Up For Newsletter”because it is giving the exact message to the visitors. Visitors coming to your site do not have time to guess out things. All they need is something which gives them a clear indication which this button is doing.

Similarly, the green color indicates a sign of positivity. Therefore, people got attracted more with this button.

In short testing is all about analysis and thinking from your visitor’s point of view. If you do so, you will surely win.

3. Website Layout- How layout of a website can increase conversions? Let’s check-


In the above experiment, two versions of a website page were created namely the “Control” (Version A) and “Variation”(Version B), both of which were altogether tested by dividing visitors equally. After conducting A/B Test, it was found that “Version B”gets a better Click Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate and increased sales as it displays options like social media sign-ups in the header section which ultimately converted visitors into customers, thereby increasing brand awareness and sales for your business.

“Version B” gets a higher conversion rate of 68% in comparison to “Version A” which had just 40% conversion rates. The higher number of clicks on social media icons allowed people to convert rapidly, thereby leading to maximum conversions.

This is how you can A/B test several other elements of a web page and decide upon a winner to help boost up conversions for your website.


With higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates and maximum sales, A/B testing lets you measure and improve online sales of your website, therefore you need to perform A/B Testing of your website on a regular basis. Just like you don’t stop SEO, you just can’t stop optimizing your website for conversions. All you need to focus on is the daily traffic coming to your site. If your website has lesser traffic coming on a daily basis, you need to perform A/B Testing on limited variations. Stick to A/B tests until you have sufficient traffic to direct to multiple variations.

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