Aug 19

What is Website Heatmap Tool? All you Need to Know About It.

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Websites are meant to grab visitor attention and boost sales revenue for any business. To serve this crucial purpose, they need to be engaging and compelling for site visitors. Although, there are various factors that can affect the conversion and engagement potential of your site but the impact of a heatmap tool can’t be ignored at all.

The tracking and monitoring activities of a website heatmap tool can create a big difference in terms of conversion rates and sales. Before you could finally avail the advantages of a website heatmap tool, you need to be aware about this basic question- what is website heatmap? If unfortunately, you don’t have any idea about this question, we will help you in exploring this unknown territory.

What is Website heatmap?

The technique of recording the activity, behavior and browsing pattern of visitors on your site through colored dots is known as website heatmap. In this technique, most engagement areas/hotter regions of a website are shown with darker color tones while the least engagement areas/colder regions are represented in lighter color tones.

With the intensity and type of colors on your website, you can easily understand the areas which are noticed by your customers and which are left completely ignored by them. By this detailed study of heatmap information, site owners can turn their sluggish website into a goldmine without any hurdles. This data will help them in a wide range of applications and areas of your website. Let us discuss them one by one.

Website Redesigning and navigation- If you think that website heatmap tool can’t play a decisive role for a website, think again. The MockingFish heatmap tool comes with a bundle of heatmap features like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, insight heatmap, attention heatmap and more that can help any website in more than one way. By taking help of various heatmap reports for website redesigning, you can be sure of an eye grabbing website for your business.

Customer targeting and acquisition- Heatmap tool like insight, click and scroll can provide a better idea about the mindset and browsing pattern of a site visitor for effective customer targeting. Apart from the targeting and retargeting of existing customers, this website heatmap tool can also help in grabbing new customers for your website in a flawless manner.

Customer engagement- For scenarios where websites are experiencing less customer engagement, the guidance of a website heatmap tool can be of great help. It can provide critical information where visitors spend time on your website and the areas which are left unnoticed by them. With this clear understanding, site owners can take the help of A/B testing tool for improving website usability and performance. They can perform split testing on various site elements like images, links, CTA buttons, headings and other areas for getting maximum customer engagement as well as attention.

Don’t overlook the potential of a website heatmap tool for the speedy growth and expansion of your online business. Once, you are fully aware about this usual question- what is website heatmap?, everything else can be learnt and implemented step by step. For more information about website heatmap tool and its business impact, stay tuned to our website at