Jun 30

What Makes MockingFish as One of the Best Free A/B Testing Softwares?

What makes MockingFish as one of the best free A/B testing softwares | Mockingfish

It truly becomes difficult when you have to choose the best out of the various possible options available in the market. This is because every product or item claims to be different and best from its competitors but these tall claims often fall flat when it comes to the reality. The situation becomes much more difficult when your choice could have a tremendous effect on the chances of your business growth and conversions. We know it may be suicidal for any business in this cut throat competitive business environment.

Similarly, when it requires selecting the right free A/B testing tool among all the available free A/B testing softwares, the decision surely needs the divine intervention. However, we can help you in this critical decision by providing a clear insight about the features and functionalities of this MockingFish tool for a swift decision.

Yeah!! you have heard it right. Let us throw light on the various features and functionalities that are offered by this A/B testing and heatmap tool that makes it the unbeatable choice. Take a look below for implementing the right web testing and heatmap tracking approach for your site.

Provides wide range of monthly visits for a site- This MockingFish is definitely one of the best choice among various free A/B testing tools that are in the competition. With this web testing tool, users can get 50,000 customer visits on their site in a particular month. To clear any misconception regarding these monthly visits, this huge number is related separately with the A/B testing and heatmap experiments.

Helps in offering multiple experiments for A/B testing and heatmap- We know the business works by implementing various new strategies and tips to get maximum conversions and sales. In order to help you in achieving the desired business results, this free heatmap and A/B testing tool allow quick creation of MockingFish experiments to get a better idea about the performance of your site when compared to its rivals. Users enjoy the functionality to create as many as 10 experiments for their sites without any problem.

Enhances the reach of this tool on various mobile devices and platforms- In this fast changing business scenario, it is important to increase your business chances by making it accessible on various devices and platforms. To help our customers in this difficult task, MockingFish developers have designed this A/B testing tool for our mobile based users in order to contribute effectively in the task of mobile site optimization. Apart from this, MockingFish is now available for various CMS platforms that are mentioned below:

  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • OpenCart
  • PrestaShop
  • Drupal
  • Joomla

Keeps customers informed about the latest updates and information about MockingFish experiments- It is important to provide the regular updates and notifications to your customers regarding their current MockingFish experiments. We can ensure timely alerts and information to our MockingFish users through the help of phone and email support. In this way, it can save you from committing major business blunders by providing timely information about the current status and nature of MockingFish experiments.

You need not to scratch your head anymore and make our MockingFish tool as your ultimate choice among various available free A/B testing softwares. If you do not feel convinced, you can install our MockingFish tool without any single penny for a complete one year from the date of your registration. It is time to visit our site at www.mockingfish.com and explore the wonderful features of this tool by yourself.