Aug 4

Why Free A/B Testing Software is a Good Beginning for Small Online Startups?

Why Free A/B Testing Software is a Good Beginning for Small Online Startups | Mockingfish

In a business environment, you need to be constantly on your toes to get more conversions and sales among your competitors. You can’t have a laid- back attitude and still complain about the inadequate performance of your online business. For the satisfactory growth of your online business, you need to match the steps with the latest technologies and innovations. Web testing and tracking tools are one of the such innovations that have changed the face of online business to a great extent.

However, still most of the online businesses are unable to utilize the performance of an A/B testing tool due to concerns like ease of use, pricing, installation and configuration facility, limited number of features and other such reasons. If pricing has been the foremost reason for you, it is time to analyze the performance of this free A/B testing software for your website. Yes, you can now enjoy the wonderful features of this MockingFish tool freely for a year and can get maximum business gains. Let us now discuss how this A/B testing software for small and medium businesses is the right choice for your online business.

It does not put financial stress on startups- New and emerging startups are currently looking to establish their feet in a particular business domain and can’t afford to pay a huge price for any web testing tool. In these circumstances, it is the need of the hour to have a free A/B testing software that can help in the cost cutting efforts for any startup. MockingFish tool is available freely for a year under the startup plan but is not inferior to any other paid software in terms of features and functionalities.

You get a chance to explore the features provided by a software without any cost- It is rightly said that “Looks are sometimes deceptive” and can let you down at the real time. Similarly, any A/B testing tool may be advertised too much but may come out as a major disappointment once purchased. In the above case, you have to settle down with a mediocre A/B testing tool that arrive with a steep price and have to lament your purchase only. All this can be avoided if you can avail the feature loaded free A/B testing tool for your website. With MockingFish tool, you can get a chance to explore the wonderful features of this web testing tool without even need to purchase it as it is available without any cost for a year.

You do have a chance to go for any other competitive service- Users are never easily satisfied with any product or service. However, there could be a problem in availing the services of any other alternative A/B testing tool for online businesses if you are already paying a huge amount for any existing web testing tool. This steep expenditure often create problems for online businesses in the critical question- how to select a right A/B testing software for your site? You need to first check out the features of a free A/B testing software and then go for the paid services once you know the requirements of your online business. This crucial introspection will save your time, money and efforts spent on a less deserving split testing tool for higher conversions and sales.

It makes sense to first try your hand on a free A/B testing software in order to understand your business and testing requirements. Making a haste in the purchasing of a web testing tool will not yield you desired business results. So, adopt a A/B testing tool that can guarantee higher conversions for your website without robbing your pocket.