Jan 13

Why heatmap tools are essential for start-ups?

Why heatmapping tools are essential for start-ups | MockingFish

Heatmap has earned its name as an effective tool for analyzing the behavior of the customers on your website. It helps you to track those areas on your web page that are witnessing a kind of ignorance from the visitors.Moreover, you even get a complete idea of those areas which are performing well and producing perks for the desired conversion goals.

This vital piece of information helps you in structuring and designing your website so as to drive better conversions. In the case of start-ups, the utilization of heatmap tools effectively can prove determinant as it has the ability to give them an early edge in the market. However, most of the start-ups do not initiate the process of heatmapping until their conversions show a stagnant flow or dip. In this article we will discuss how heatmapping your website during start-up phase can do wonders to your conversions rate.

Effectiveness of heatmaps for your start-up website

  • Early analysis: Heatmap tracking of your website in start-up phase provides you with the advantage of an early bird. It allows you to target those areas which are witnessing ignorance right from the very outset and provides you the opportunity to correct the error in the initial stages. In addition to this, it also provides you an insight to those areas which are gaining proper attention from the visitors. You can use this data to showcase important elements on these areas so that they get proper attention from your customers.
  • Helps to establish a stiff market presence from the very beginning: By providing you the details about the lacunae in your website, it provides you an opportunity to launch yourself as an effective competitor in the market. The extent of the competitive spirit shown by you in the initial phase will determine your market presence in long run.
  • Saves your conversions: By catering to the above-mentioned needs, it allows you to cut the losses on your conversion front. The losses which would have incurred in case you would have opted to adopt heatmaps at the later stages of your business.
  • Early customer connects: By analyzing the navigating behavior of the visitors on your website, you will be able to locate what the visitors on your website want to see and what is required to be displayed so as to convert a visitor into a potential customer. This early customer connects that you develop will pave the way for higher percentage of customer retention on your website.

How you can do a heatmap tracking of your website?

To perform a heatmap analysis of your website, you can take the help of various heatmap tools available online. MockingFish tool is one such tool which allows you to take different variety of heatmap analysis like click heatmap, scroll heatmap, attention heatmap, insight heatmap, envelope heatmap, etc. for your website that too with a free trial of one year. Moreover, it comes with an A/B testing tool too which you can utilize to perform and test the changes on your website as suggested by the heatmap analysis.


As discussed, tracking the heatmap of your website in its start-up phase has its own advantages. Keeping in mind the significance of heatmap analysis on your conversions, as a start-up you should not miss the opportunity to drive your conversions right from the word go. Moreover, a free heatmap tool like MockingFish would be an economical choice as a business start-up.


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