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Why is Home Page not always the best place to drive website traffic?

Why is Home Page not always the best place to drive website traffic | MockingFish

There are an unlimited number of ways using which you drive website traffic for your business. For most of these ways, the most chosen place on your website for driving traffic to is the home page. Home page always seems like the best place to open up yourself to your customers. However, if you think more deeply, you will find some more and better places which have stronger potentials to get converted. The home page is not always the best place that deserves most of the traffic that your website accumulates.

Landing page-

Landing page | MockingFIsh

The best approach for CRO on the websites with a wide range of products is to target a specific section of your potential customers’ population. For doing so, you need to create some sub-sections or so-called landing pages for those specific sections of the customers’ population. Landing pages are the best solutions when you are targeting the customers using the pay-per-click campaigns.

When a customer will click on the links targeting the landing page that you have created for them, it takes them to a more relevant page that has higher chances to getting converted. By providing a more relevant solution to the customers, you will be able to build a stronger connection. Unlike the approach to take them to the home page where they will get confused about where to click next.

Content postings-

Websites produce a huge bulk of content each day. All of the produced contents are always developed with an aim to provide relevant solutions to the customers. So, when a customer seeks any product or solution in your domain, the specific blog-page would be the best place to take them where the solution is explained with so much of details. Now, the relevant linking in your content can be utilized to take the customers to the product pages. By doing so, it will make sure that the customers reaching to the product pages are filtered enough to be considered as more likely to get converted.

Just check that you are not sending them to the content home page; you must send them to that content page directly which provides the solution. Otherwise, it will just counter your conversion chances instead. PS: Content page/Blog page is the best page to send the customers to when you are talking about a new product that is not so popular yet.

Product pages directly-

Social media links, or through content marketing, the macro conversion goal is always to get the customers on product pages. It is the product page conversion of which will decide the fate of your revenue generation from the business.

The product page is the ultimate destination where you want your customers to finally land on to. Whether, through PPC campaign, landing page optimization, email campaign, So, whenever you are certain that your product page is informational enough to provide the solution what visitors are seeking for, just let them land on your product page directly. Taking them round and round is not recommended in any case here. It will not just improve your conversion rate, but will also make sure that the conversions are turning out as revenue for your business.

Leverage Authorized contents-

Leverage Authorized contents | MOckingFish

Authorized contents are basically the helpful content that you create to help your customers. These contents might include, various how-to(s), and video tutorials to guide customers on certain aspects. ‘How to’ contents and videos tutorials are very helpful for creating a credibility of your domain. If you have video contents that might help your customers and encourage them towards your products and services, go ahead and let them land on those useful videos. Just make sure that your videos are having a balanced blend of useful information for the customers and a call-to-action to benefit your business at the same time.


We found out that how your home page might not be the best place to land your customers. Your website traffic should be wisely divided among other useful pages and elements that have stronger chances of conversion. Landing every website traffic on home-page will, in fact, confuse your customers and they might slip from your conversion funnel at last. So, why not to let them land on something more relevant, more useful, and more likely to get converted.


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