Oct 12

Why is it always recommended to use a free A/B testing tool for the first time?

Why is it always recommended to use a free A/B testing tool for the first time | MockingFish

A/B testing and its importance are not at all hidden from the website owners. It is the popularity of A/B testing as a tool that has made a large number of A/B testing tools available for use in the market. With so much of A/B testing tool already available, it is very critical to decide the best suited A/B testing tool for your site. The only way to decide this is to either buy one and then test it, or to get a free version for the same and use it for a considerable amount of time. I find the second option more economical as I don’t have to spend a penny for using and testing a free A/B testing tool on my site. Off course, these free tools won’t be available for download like anything, we have to register on their site and they would be available for use after that.

I can suggest the MockingFish free A/B testing tool in this regard, because of the following reasons :

  1. Mocking Fish Provides free user license for a period of one year, unlike others who just provide the 30 days trial.
  2. Easy registration procedure with no hassle to fill the lengthy forms .
  3. With a free A/B testing tool, you will also get a Free Heat map tool to track visitors on your site.

There are other competent A/B testing tools in the market too. Let’s have a look at what they are offering to the first timers-

Why is it always recommended to use a free A/B testing tool for the first time 3 | MockingFish

A free A/B testing tool should always be a choice when it comes to the first time users. For any A/B testing tool, whether it is a popular one or not so popular, it is always recommended to try before buying it, because of the following reasons:

  1. You don’t know if the particular A/B testing tool would be useful for your site or business.
  2. A/B testing tools are not very cheap in price, they cost a lot when it comes to the paid versions.
  3. You cannot afford to loose your time and money in inefficient A/B testing tools.
  4. Time is money, time wasted due to a wrong decision won’t come back.
  5. You have to know what exactly the company is offering to you. You cannot afford to get tricked by the MSPs that are too good to be true.’
  6. You have to use it for a considerable amount of time before judging it because A/B testing tools are real time system and they are relative to time. So using them for a short period of time won’t show any effect on your conversions.
  7. You have to know, how many active projects you can conduct at a time, and this can be done only by using one in real time.
  8. You have to know if it is just an A/B testing tool or is also supporting the heat map tools as an A/B test without a heat map analysis is of no use and would go in vein.
  9. If heat maps are provided, then what type of heat maps are supported b it. For example, click heat maps, Scroll heat maps, mouse hover heat maps, etc.
  10. You have to know if the heat maps are just for desktop sites or the mobile heat maps are also supported. Because in this era of a large number of mobile users, you cannot afford to loose the conversions from the mobile users.

A/B testing tools are not just the conversion optimization tools, they are indeed a way to get the best out of your website. It is not only for the general websites, but even for the eCommerce websites, an A/B testing tool works equally great. Whatever website, is rolling on the web, needs to be optimized in several ways to gain the conversions out of them. You can perform an A/B testing to optimize your:

  1. Website home page.
  2. Website Landing page optimization.
  3. Email templates optimization.
  4. Website touch point optimization.
  5. E-Commerce Product page optimization.
  6. E-Commerce Checkout page optimization, and many more.