Nov 30

Win E-Commerce Conversions Battle With These 9 Merchandising Tips

Effective E-commerce  Merchandising Tips That Can Drive Conversions For Your Store | Mockingfish

Focus on merchandising activities of your online store for changing your business fortunes.

Presentation plays a crucial role in the growth and progress of an eCommerce business as “Appearance are the foremost priority for most of the people”. Considering the changing visual behavior of the customers towards the selection of a product on an online store, merchandising has become the core issue for numerous eCommerce companies around the world. Moreover, it is rightly said that “If it is not appealing for the eyes, it is also not exciting for the mind either”, so it is time to focus your efforts and energy in making your product more presentable and exciting for your targeted customers. Here are the few merchandising tips that can help you in achieving the desired eCommerce conversions.

1. Showcase your offer on the home page of your online website

Showcase Your Offer On The Home Page Of Your Online Website | Mockingfish

Feature your running shopping offer prominently on your site for getting maximum customer attention.

Always remember the fact that if you want your promoted offers to reach far and wide corners of your audience, add it on the most visited part or area of your website. If you can keep them informed about your offer, you can drive more number of people towards your online store for increasing your conversions and product sales. Design a big banner of your running offer and showcase it on your site in order to persuade customers for an online purchase through your store.

2. Provide personalized products to your shoppers- Online shopping has changed to a great extent from the way it was done and perceived during the initial days. Now, people are looking for something extra and different that can drive their imagination and curiosity. Providing personalized products based on the onsite activity and behavior of your shoppers can help a lot in getting the interest of your targeted customers back towards your online store. This will save their crucial time from not being getting wasted in searching out for their desired products as online store can provide them the required products based on their recent site browsing history.

Mockingfish Heatmap Tool | Mockingfish

Web monitoring tools like Mocking Fish keeps a track of the online shopping history of the shoppers.

Further, there are various web monitoring and analytics tools like Mocking Fish that can play a great role in the above task. Moreover, there are Mocking Fish features like insight heat map that can provide you detailed information about your visiting customer (device type, location, time of browsing and others) in order to allow effective targeting. Similarly, the use of click heat map can provide crucial data about the click activity of your visitors for getting a clear idea about the categories and products that are being clicked by your customer for the intent of purchase.

3. Persuade your customers through a free shipping services- A few dollars exemption of shipping charges can do wonders for the product sales of your online store as people will like to splurge their money more on shopping if they discover a free shipping service on a particular eCommerce site. Highlight this important announcement on your site in a broad and clear manner for engaging your targeted customers onto your particular online store.

4. Adopt popular conventions while designing your category pages- Employ various strategies to make your product pages more exciting for your online shoppers for grabbing their instant attention and to drive them towards the purchasing funnel of your online store. Make your product category pages more engaging, informative and helpful in the online shopping process for getting significant breakthrough in terms of the conversion rates and product sales. Ecommerce businesses can also take the expertise of A/B testing tool such as Mocking Fish for testing the two different variations of their category pages for getting an effective idea about the choice and preference of your targeted customers. Moreover, this web testing tool is one of the most affordable tool when compared to its rivals with its business plan available for only $ 10 per month while its start up plan is available for free.

5. Go for an effective detailed high quality product image

Go For An Effective Detailed High Quality Product Image | Mockingfish

Product image needs to be detailed and of high quality for getting immediate customer attention.

Although, the online shoppers don’t have the freedom to check a particular product through the feel, necessary efforts can still be taken in the right direction to make the online shopping experience similar to the shopping in a brick- and- mortar store in terms of the product handling. You can make use of a detailed 360 degree product image that can capture the every finest details of your advertised product from all the possible angles. With the help of this high quality image, online shoppers will feel more convinced about the product quality and will readily purchase that advertised product. Let us take the case of Skiviez where product images are much clear and customers can easily check the advertised product effectively for making an online purchase.

6. Make appropriate use of the filters and layers for classification of category pages- If you want to grab the instant attention of your online shoppers, organize your category pages in a brilliant manner by making use of relevant filters and layers. This effective classification of category pages add a unique appeal to your site and makes it much easier for the shoppers to search a particular product online. Even the eCommerce giants like Walmart and Amazon are using filters to organize their available products on their site in an effective manner. So, it actually does make sense to make use of these filters and layers in the organization of your category pages and conversion rate optimization of your eCommerce store.

7. Include product videos on your site- Sometimes, few hundred words are not enough to express things when compared to a 2- 3 minutes product videos that can convey the message more strongly. It would be more beneficial for your site to add a product video instead of just focusing on the simple plain words as the effect of a video is far more widening than the simple text messages. But, don’t include just any other non- optimized video that might affect the loading time of your website to a great extent.

8. Optimize your eCommerce store for mobile devices separately- Every online store must be familiar with this fact that mobile based devices are driving huge conversions and site traffic on numerous online stores. Therefore, it becomes necessary to explore this untapped market segment for changing the business fortunes of your online store among your business rivals. Use only relevant information and site elements on your mobile site for reducing its loading time and to make online shopping experience much easier. Further, according to a survey by Shopify platform, out of all the traffic generated on the eCommerce sites, around 50.3% traffic is arriving out of the mobile devices while the computers are adding only 49.7% of the site traffic. Make use of the responsive design, HTML5, CSS scripts and other such elements for getting an appealing mobile experience.

9. Get crucial customer feedbacks through surveys and customer reviews

Get Crucial Customer Feedbacks Through Surveys And Customer Reviews | Mockingfish

Customer surveys and reviews help in providing insight about the user experience of your online store.

While arriving at a final conclusion, it is important to get the clear insight about your online store through an effective customer reviews and surveys. Encourage your customers to rate your eCommerce business by sharing their opinions and feedbacks about their online experience, product quality, pricing of your product, shipping services and other such factors.

So, don’t ignore the merchandising aspect of your online store for driving your product sales and conversion rates. With an increased presentation appeal of your product, you can surely make a grand come back with a promising sales revenue and conversion rates.