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You can kill your conversion rate by making these mistakes

You can kill your conversion rate by making these mistakes | MockingFish

E-commerce site, Opportunities, conversions, sales, revenue- these are some words that drive the eCommerce business today. If your eCommerce site is fulfilling these words with their true meaning, success is yours. Really! Is it that easy to grab the opportunities with your eCommerce site so that it converts into sales and generate desired revenue? Not really! A research says that an average individual spends a large sum to buy products online and it is expected to increase exponentially in the coming time. So, there is no lack of opportunities for you. However still, most websites fail to drive an optimum conversion rate and they automatically fail to generate revenue. What could be the reasons for which these websites are not able to convert even with the ample opportunities? Answers can be found in the below sections of this article.

Here are the most prevailing reasons that enforce a website’s failure to convert. If you are committing these mistakes, you will soon kill your conversion and then your business:

1. Are you using the default theme?- Most of the eCommerce sites today are built on some or other eCommerce platform. The most popular are Magento, PrestaShop, and OpenCart. These eCommerce platforms come with a default theme with their first installation. These themes are really good, but it is not advised to use them as they are. If everybody starts using the default themes, then the internet would be full of identical websites where the only way to differentiate them would be the domain name.

Using the default will make your website boring and you will lose an USP that you could have scored with your own website design using the custom themes and templates. There are various eCommerce themes and template development services that provide the personalized look and feel to your website. Plus, you can add some interesting features to make your web pages more engaging. Option to add videos to the product page is one such feature you should look for.

2. Is it user-friendly and have required features?- If your eCommerce website is not user-friendly and does not possess some essentially required functions then it might be a serious situation. Tally these mistakes on this front:

  • Product images are of poor quality
  • Product images are not loading properly
  • Shopping cart is not well optimized
  • Cart does not allow modification at checkout
  • Product page is taking too long to load
  • There is no search option

If you are committing these mistakes, then you should immediately ask your webmaster to look into your website.

3. No product review available?- Shoppers in today’s era have become so obsessed with online product reviews. They will never buy a product on your website if it is missing this ultimate requirement. Everybody wants to know how was the experience when somebody used that product. And that is the standard process being followed everywhere by the online shoppers.

No product review available? | MockingFish

If you are missing to accommodate this important feature, you will surely miss certain conversions and provide an opportunity to your rival sites to steal your customers. So, you should actively compel your shoppers to write a review. It will solidify the credibility of claims made on your website. Thus, a great improvement on your conversion front.

4. Your website is still not responsive?- If you are really missing this so important requirement on your eCommerce site, I must ask you- where in this time-line are you living in? An online business without a responsive website will end you up losing the sales from a major proportion of online shoppers who prefer to shop using their smartphones.

Your website is still not responsive? | MockingFish

By missing this requirement, you will not only kill your conversion rate but also destroy the SEO at a larger pace. You must read this article to know Why do you need a responsive website for your business?

5. Do you not blog?- Content marketing is and will always be the king. Each day websites post various contents relevant to their domain so that more and more interested traffic can be attracted to the website. The traffic generated through content marketing is more likely to get converted into a final buyer. Missing this important approach is not a wise choice to make. You cannot afford to loose such an important CRO tool for your business. Content marketing is not only an effective CRO tool but also a more efficient SEO tool that generate positive signals for your website in the search engines. You can adopt some useful content marketing strategies to boost your conversion rate.

Final thoughts

Any eCommerce business is not successful without including some basic elements in the business and website plan. Committing any of the above mistakes is not good for your business’ health.


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