Nov 20

YouTube and eCommerce Market – A Hidden Link

YouTube and eCommerce market - A hidden link | MockingFish

Not so long ago, I was desperately looking for a good Smartphone that would meet my requirements and would also be economical to my pocket. The first thing that hit my mind was “let’s have a look what my favorite YouTuber has to say about any such smartphone”.

There was a time when official websites and other review websites were the main wellsprings of data that seekers could depend on before choosing a device or an item to purchase. The pattern has changed from that point forward, the real populace of adherents is currently finding the world’s best video vault as their trusted wellspring of data – YouTube.

I am not talking about the official YouTube Channels run by the brands. I am indicating the Popular YouTubers with some genuine mainstream channels, particularly the YouTube channels for gadgets and smartphone related reviews.

How YouTube influences the eCommerce conversions

That is a genuine labyrinth. How YouTube channels are impacting the purchaser’s choice to purchase an item on the web or even offline purchasing behavior. Consumers get highly influenced by the opinion of their favorite YouTuber and it influences the conversion rate of particular product positively or negatively. I can point out some reasons behind this:

Customers are generally confounded while choosing an item to purchase. Particularly, with regards to the online shopping on eCommerce sites, people need to know the assessment of their trusted YouTuber. A little push can possibly impact the purchaser’s choice in a specific direction which would straightforwardly affect on the conversion of the product on any eCommerce or non-eCommerce platform. We as a client have.

We as a customer have:

  1. Millions of choices
  2. Millions of expectations
  3. High end expectations in a lower end budget.

We have boundless options and boundless necessities. YouTube being a helpful wellspring of information where anything can incline in a snap of time, individuals think that its more solid when the words originate from their trusted circle. A little support from the favorite tech channel can flip around the choice.

FYI, not all YouTubers can impact the customer group. Individuals don’t believe anybody effectively. Nonetheless, a study says, “53% Say a YouTube Video Influenced a Purchase at any rate Once”. This is a result of the trusted hover of YouTubers and their adherents. YouTubers with a substantial group of adherents give their suppositions and audit the items which assume an incredible part in affecting the purchaser’s choice.

What YouTubers are doing on their product review channels?

Creating informative videos; nothing else- To secure a huge following of YouTube users, information is the only tool that YouTubers utilize. Gaining a fan following is something that is the toughest of all the tasks for a YouTuber. Information attracts the users and keeps them engaged. A well-planned strategy includes a pure information by understanding and fulfilling the needs of the YouTube community. These informative contents help the channels to acquire the number of followers, plus their trust in reward.

After gaining a trust and considerable amount of followers, channels follow a very systematic approach to influence the buyers’ decision. Though the goal is not to influence the decision through their videos, but the ultimate impact is always seen on the eCommerce as well as offline sales of the products.

Step 1: News- The technical news and information play a great role to motivate and encourage the curious customers. News and leaks even before the launch of a product create a curiosity in the users and motivate them to know more about them. It is the first step towards influencing, or we can even say, it’s a combined step to create product awareness and a sense of need in the customers which even your highly optimized product pages cannot do.

Step 2: Channel’s opinion- Any Technical or product review channel with a large number of followers keeps its users engaged in every step. Opinions and pre-review analysis help the early adopters to know about the products even before their actual availability. Thus, these channels can influence your customers even before the product is launched.

YouTube and eCommerce market - A hidden link 2 | MockingFish

Step 3: Unboxing- It is the first step once the product is made available to the public. This phase is meant for introducing a product to the general public in actual user environment; neither on official site nor in an official product Ad video. This step has potential to increase the website traffic and search trend for the particular product in that particular time interval. Curious people will search the product on eCommerce sites to know more about it and buy it if convinced to. Thus, it is a gentle push towards eCommerce conversion.

Step 4: Product Review: The most important phase, which can either make your product a success or a complete failure. The YouTubers claim to use the product for a considerable amount of time, and on the basis of their user experience, they share their opinions called reviews. The major proportion of YouTube community waits for their trusted channels to review the product so that they would know whether to buy the product or drop their idea. This is the phase where the whole market system on YouTube channels relies upon.

Channels provide the links in their video description using which the followers can get to the product pages directly. For some popular sponsored channels, the links are usually sponsored by the eCommerce sites or the product company. These links are not the only way; after watching the review, if the users decide to buy a product, most of the time they already know where they can get the product.

To conclude

Thus, the third party YouTube Channels have proven to be an important destination for both the users and sellers. We can call them an unbiased link between the product sellers and the buyers. This is not an official approach which the eCommerce sites or the company owners would like to discuss publicly but is used by most of them to utilize the social media platform for brand awareness and product education from an unbiased source.



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