View Envelope Report

Without wasting even a fraction of seconds, let’s take a deeper drive to learn how an Envelope Report can be used for a detailed understanding of visitor’s click behavior on your site.

The Envelope view allows you to view the number of clicks on different elements of your page, be it- “header”, “text link”, “banner ads”, “ CTA buttons” or others.

On opening the Envelope report, you will be able to view “red”, “green”, “orange” and “blue” colored circles which mentions the total number of clicks for that specific element. From the least number of clicks to the maximum, the color for click on each element keeps changing from blue to green and then red. Initially, you will be able to view the total number of clicks but on clicking the color codes, you will get a more deep information on the percentage of clicks as per the total number of clicks on that page.

For a more broader search what you can do is select a category, like- “search engine”, “category”, “type of device”, “operating system”, “new and returning visitors” and many others to choose from. By selecting any particular category, you will be able to view the total percentage of visitors with that specific category.

The Envelope report in general, provides a simple way to interpret the visitor click behavior on your page with real time information in hand.