View Heatmap Report

HeatMap Reports generated by MockingFish gives you a clear view of the number of clicks whereas it also provides suggestions on where to place your CTA buttons, banner ads, links and images on the overall page. It gives you real time data that helps in understanding how visitors coming to your site interact with different areas of the webpage.

Heatmap reports also gives a keen insight on how visitors behave towards a specific section or how much time do they spend on your website. It also lets you track those elements on your page which received maximum clicks. Heat mapping allows your map to have different colors of each area- the brighter color (red) on the screen represents most clicked sections also known as “hotter areas” whereas yellow or blue may represent the least clicked areas or “colder areas” on the website

The information collected from heatmap analytics can be used further to optimize landing pages, product pages, banner ads, images or other important links. From there, you can design step by step action plans to improve and strengthen the quality of a web page.

Using this tool is comparatively easy. Use this feature to understand visitor’s flow and know which areas are getting noticed and which ones are just being skipped off.

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