View Insight Report

Insights report from MockingFish teaches you a lot of what is going on in your website. These reports tell you everything from who is visiting your site to help you determine your target audiences. This helps you decide where to advertise, how to advertise and reorganize your site navigations.

The example given below clearly indicates how Insights report generated by MockingFish looks like-

The presence of dot maps clearly show those areas of your site which are getting the most clicks. With this information in hand, you will be able to track visitor’s action on the website. Well, our insight report helps you visualize the intent of your web visitors and determine where visitors are dropping out of your goal funnels.

Options to Sort Data Category wise-

This report highlights a “Category” menu in which different variables like “Browser”, “Country”, “Platform”, “Search Engine”, “Device Type”, “Referrer”, “Time Of Day”, and “Day Of Week” are listed. By using this report, you can segment users based on these variables. On selecting any single category from the ones mentioned above, you will observe that these dot maps keeps changing colors to reflect clicks on your page depending on the type of category chosen.

Example- If you switch the view to “search engine”, it will show you the number of clicks that occurred from visitors accessing your site from search engines like “Google” and “Yahoo”.

For targeting visitors with different “device type”, you need to click on the side arrow placed next to category which opens up with varied number of options in the drop-down through which you can select “device Type”.

Filter Categories-

For a more specific search, you can use tick marks which are placed beside each variable to select or hide data. We will explain this by giving an example-

If you want to view the number of clicks from those visitors who accessed your website using “desktop”, click on the box named “Select All/Unselect All” to clear all selections and then click on the small tick box next to “Desktop” to segregate the information.
Insights report from MockingFish allows you to segregate users based on their interests, type of device used, browser, window size, time of clicking and so on. These reports play an important role in increasing visitor engagement and site conversions. So, try today and enjoy the benefits forever and ever.