View List Report

The List report provides a glance of the information that MockingFish collects. This data is presented in the form of a tabular sheet with columns marked as- “Elements”, “Type”, “Clicks” and “Percent”. This report gives you information that highlights the exact number of clicks on every element of your page.

Here is a brief description that defines what each column talks about-

Element- It mentions the specific location of each click with respect to the text or label assigned to that specific area within the HTML coding of your page.

Type- It shows the type of feature each clicked portion of your website represents based on HTML designing of a website.

Click- As the name suggests, this column represents the exact number of clicks each web element receives.

Percent- This column displays the percentage of clicks that each element received.

Similarly, you can see three tabs on the above which displays- “Visible”, “Invisible”, “Both”.

The tab marked as “Visible” shows the clicks made on those sections of your web pages which are visible.

The other tab that says “Invisible” highlights the rest of clicks on your page. This data is obtained by MockingFish but is not related to any specific area on the page. Important links and images are the most noticed web elements that gets maximum clicks on this section.

The “List Report” gives you an accurate information that helps you gain a comparative study of click numbers each element gets, the performance of invisible page elements as links and images and the type of content that receives most of clicks. The data acquired from “List Report” helps you organize page elements in an orderly sequence for maximum conversions.

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