View Scrollmap Report

Now let’s quickly go through the scrollmap report generated by MockingFish. Here, we have mentioned how you can use scrollmap as a tracking tool to increase conversions, enhance visitor engagement and improve overall visitor behavior on your site.

Scrollmap reports provide information on the total time visitors spent to scroll your page from top to bottom. With this report, you will be able to-

Determine the average time and the percentage of views on different sections of a webpage.

How far down visitors scroll your page?

Monitors the percentage (100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% or 0%) of visits.

With data rich statistics, MockingFish shows a visual representation of the overall page layout in colors like “white” and “yellow”. These areas represent sections on your website that have been scrolled or viewed the most whereas darker areas like “blue” and “green” indicates those sections where visitors pay least or no attention at all.

MockingFish provides a detailed overview with real time information by displaying a color measurement percentage graph on the side below that represents the percentage of users corresponding to each color on the report.

How This Data Can Help-

By utilizing this information, you will be able priortize different page sections or elements based on the number of scroll percentage. This leads you to re-organize a web page based on visitor’s requirement.

Scrollmap reports can be generated on any web page including landing pages, home page, product page and so on.

With MockingFish scrollmap, you will be able to view and analyze where actually your visitors are scrolling and where to locate the most important elements on your webpage.