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Another great chapter has been included in the history of our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool as we have been successful in providing our A/B testing tool and its services to our Joomla based site owners. With this, we have opened new doors of business opportunities for Joomla store owners as they can now avail our unmatched A/B testing services through our Mocking Fish tool. It is very simple to use our Mocking Fish tool for your site and you need to first install our Joomla A/B testing tool and then add a small Mocking Fish code snippet onto your site later on.

Installation of Joomla A/B testing tool:


In order to use the features and services of our Mocking Fish tool, you first need to install our A/B testing tool for your Joomla site. You only need to perform these simple instructions to get our Mocking Fish tool installed for your website.

1. Once, again login to your Joomla admin panel.

2. Now, go for Extensions and then Extensions Manager.

3. Click on the choose file option.

4. It will automatically download the Mocking Fish zip file. You need to select that downloaded zip file.

5. Just click on the “Upload and Install” option to get your Mocking Fish A/B testing tool installed.

At the end, “Installing plugin was successful” message appears which shows that the required Mocking Fish tool has been installed properly on your Joomla website.

Addition of Mocking Fish script:

Once, you are done with the installation process, it is time to add a small script of our Mocking A/B testing tool further to get going. Follow these steps to add our Mocking Fish code snippet.

1. First, login to your Joomla admin panel.

2. Navigate through Extensions – >Plugin Manager.

3. Now, search for our Mocking Fish tool in the search bar.

4. Select our Mocking Fish tool from the search results.

5. You will get a new window in front of your screen. Change the status of your Mocking Fish tool from disabled to enabled by making use of right hand side bar.

6. Finally, you need to add the Mocking Fish code into the text area and then click on save button. It will add the Mocking Fish A/B testing tool onto your Joomla CMS platform.

Now, with this plugin, you can improve your conversion rates, user engagement and site navigation by performing A/B testing on your various site elements. So, get the maximum potential out of your business organization by using our feature packed Mocking Fish A/B testing tool.

Download module