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Earlier, Magento store owners were unhappy for a long time as they were unable to use the effective services of our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool. But, now we have reached a new milestone in the development services by providing our A/B testing tool to our Magento site owners. Now, they are just few steps behind availing the feature packed services of our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool by installing this Magento A/B testing plugin and then adding the code of the Mocking Fish tool later on their site. Let us begin our journey in this direction by listing installation steps for Magento A/B testing tool.

Steps for Magento A/B testing tool installation-


Before we proceed towards installation, it is advised to disable the cache through admin console. Moreover, you also need to disable the compilation mode on your Magento site by navigating the steps, System -> Tools -> Compilation. The above steps will ensure that you don’t encounter any issues during installation of your Mocking Fish A/B testing tool through the FTP client. Here are the steps for the above process.

1. Select the app-etc-modules directory located at the Magento Connect Manager.

2. Now, click on our Mocking Fish extension file that may be something like Velsof_mockingfish.xml from your app-etc-modules directory.

3. You need to change the values of all your ‘active tags’ in your Mocking Fish file from true to false.

4. Just, save the changes made by you and delete the Magento Cache for facilitating the seamless installation of your Mocking Fish plugin.

Steps for inserting Mocking Fish code onto your site-

1. For this, you simply need to login to your Magento admin panel.

2. User needs to select Extensions and then Plugin Manager from the options available in the admin panel.

3. Now, you need to search for Mocking Fish A/B testing tool in the search bar.

4. Then, select your Mocking Fish plugin from the search results displayed.

5. This step will open a new window where you have to ensure that the status of your plugin is “enabled” and not “disabled” by clicking on the option that appear in the right hand side bar.

6. You will see a blank text area where you need to add the script of your Mocking Fish A/B testing tool and then click on save button to add the code snippet onto your Magento server.

With these simple steps, you can get a quick access to our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool for your Magento based site. Now, you can have the freedom to determine the usability and conversion ability of your website and its elements. So, get started and improve your website design and navigation with this Magento plugin so as to become a champion in your business segment.

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