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What is A/B testing?


In an online business environment, A/B testing is a web testing approach that can provide clear insight about the usability and performance of your site elements, web page or the entire website. This technique which is also known as split testing compares the two different variations of a web page (original page and treatment page) and analyze the visitor response in terms of the conversion rates. Based on the conversion rates achieved by the individual Variation A and Variation B, the winner page is decided and the changes are finally implemented on the original webpage or website for better conversions.

Basic A/B testing glossary

Original Page

It is the unaltered web page which is taken as a reference page against which the impact of the variation page or treatment page is measured. It is also known as “control page”. All the variation pages are measured against this control page for having a better insight about the performance of the trial page.

Variation/treatment page

It is that particular web page on which the changes are implemented on a trial basis for understanding the response of the selected A/B testing audience towards these changes. A variation page is said to be effective if it is capable to generate more conversions than the original page. If it is otherwise, it is advised not to implement these changes on the original website.

Conversion rates

It is the fulfillment of a particular purpose of a website like product sales, increased number of clicks on a link, product or other site elements, downloading of a software, ebook or other services, more number of online registrations and other such goals. Conversion rates are the sole criteria to analyze the performance of a website in the online business scenario.

Winner page

Winner page is the testing web page with the highest number of conversion rates. For improving the productivity, usability and performance of a website, it is recommended to implement the changes of the winner page on the original site. The two important factors that determine the effectiveness of the winner page are statistical significance and appropriate time duration.

Guidelines to be followed during A/B testing process

    1. Although, the selected traffic in A/B testing is done on a 50:50 basis for getting the unbiased testing results but if you are too sure about the impact of your testing element, you can conveniently choose the uneven traffic distribution like 60:40, 70:30 or other such.
    2. Always test “one element at a time” if you are doing A/B testing for the first time. Don’t test multiple elements at a time like in case of multi- variate testing for avoiding confusion about the impact of A/B testing element on your website.
    3. Start your A/B testing process on the right hypothesis for getting required number of business outcomes and to prevent the failure of your A/B testing experiments.
    4. Don’t leave your A/B testing process in the middle but run your test for the entire scheduled time duration. This will ensure that your testing results are genuine and more realistic in nature which will eliminate any possible scenario of “luck by chance” factor in terms of the authenticity of your testing results.
    5. Wait for a statistical significance or confidence level of at least 95 percent for avoiding any discrepancy in your A/B testing results.


How is Mocking Fish valuable as a web testing tool?

Mocking Fish is a remarkable web testing tool that has earned huge accolades and reputation among various online businesses due to its exceptional features and services. Let us understand how Mocking Fish can be the game changer for your business as well as your website.

    1. Improves website usability, performance and customer engagement- By testing the various site elements like call- to- action buttons, web forms, images, headlines, pricing information and other components, Mocking Fish can help you in improving the individual customer engagement, usability and conversion ability of your site elements. This will in turn enhance your website performance and productivity.
    2. Helps in achieving key performance metrics- Mocking Fish can test different variations of your site elements that can help you in fulfilling key performance metrics like site traffic, conversion rates, product sales, online registrations and much more.
    3. Ensures seamless website accessibility and navigation- Once, you are aware about the problem areas in your website, Mocking Fish lets you perform web testing on various site elements. By implementing the changes of your winner page, you can make your website more accessible to your targeted customers and can improve your site navigation drastically.
    4. It can be used for websites accessible on multiple devices- One of the speciality of the Mocking Fish is that it can be used for websites that are accessible on multiple devices like desktop, laptop, mobile and tablets. Now, device type is not a concern anymore for this web testing tool.
    5. Arrives with the most affordable price- Mocking Fish tool is designed to be within the pocket reach of every business entity regardless of their business size and finance. This has become possible due to its most pocket friendly pricing structure. Its Startup Plan is available for free to its customers for the entire lifetime whereas its business plan comes with the modest price of $10 per month.
    6. Can be easily installed and configured by anyone- The greatness of a tool is measured by the ease of its implementation and this has been well understood during the development of this Mocking Fish tool. It does not require any special knowledge or skillset for its installation and configuration and the task can be effortlessly accomplished by any individual with the basic knowledge of computer handling.
    7. Equipped with the user friendly dashboard design and unmatched reliability- Mocking Fish has a customer interactive dashboard design that makes the availability of the testing information much easier and faster. Further, the tool provides real time analytical information that has unmatched reliability among its other rivals.


Web testing services provided by Mocking Fish

Our Mocking Fish tool provides exceptional web testing services for optimizing the performance, usability and conversion rates of a website. Here is a sneak peek into its web testing services that are classified as follows:

A/B testing- Mocking Fish has been the undisputed champion in the field of A/B testing due to its reliability and simple implementation.


With its services, you can test whether your CTA buttons, images, links, opt- in forms, headlines and other site elements are performing effectively or not. Its reports are based on real time analytics of your site traffic and thus helps to improve your website productivity and user experience to a great extent.

Multi- variate testingDue to the increasing complexity in the website redesigning process, performing small changes in a website without affecting the conversion rates and site traffic used to be a cumbersome task earlier. However, things have changed completely for the customers due to the multi- variate testing facility provided by this Mocking Fish tool. Now, you can make desired changes in your website and can improve website usability to a great extent by testing the various combinations of your site elements. It has further made the landing page redesigning much simplified for the site owners.


So, it is time to invest a little money in this amazing web testing tool and get assured returns on conversion rates, site traffic, product sales and much more. Come and avail its wonderful services now and let your online business blossom effectively. Mocking Fish will prove to be the most fruitful web testing tool for your business in every other aspect.