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Understand your visitor’s browsing behavior

What is Heatmap?

In order to track visitor’s clicking and browsing behavior, MockingFish comes up as a testing and tracking tool that shows how visitors coming to your site actually respond to the design and placement of various elements on your website. It helps you assemble data with respect to the hot (portions of your website that users click or liked the most) and cold (portions of your website that users do not pay much attention to) areas of your website. By utilizing this data, you will be able to remove all distractions that hinder your visitors from exploring your page.

How MockingFish Helps?

1. By analyzing and monitoring visitor’s scroll and click movements.

2. Highlighting the areas where visitors clicked maximum number of times.

3. Highlighting those sections where visitors clicked minimum number of times.

4. Increasing sales and conversions on your website by placing the relevant data at the right places.

5. Collecting heatmap data based on “location”, “browser”, “device type”, “platform” and more.

Click Heatmap

1. Analyze your visitor’s clicking behavior and find out the areas of your website that get the most clicks, whether it’s an ‘image’, ‘link’ or a ‘CTA button’.

2. Discover click patterns and know how visitors get engaged with your website.

3. Figure out areas that are resulting in maximum conversions and the ones that don’t.

Scroll Heatmap

1. Lets you know the overall scrolling behavior of users on a web page.

2. Collect data to know the “real estate” of your website.

3. Learn where to locate the most important content, ads, images or CTA so that it attracts maximum visitors.

4. MockingFish works by generating reports from collective data that can be used to identify the weak or problem areas. These reports can be further revised and monitored to design an entirely new web page that maximizes revenue and increases conversions.

Insight Heatmap

Insights report from MockingFish teaches you a lot of what is going on in your website. These reports tell you everything from who is visiting your site to help you determine your target audiences. This helps you decide where to advertise, how to advertise and reorganize your site navigations.

Insights report from MockingFish allows you to segregate users based on their interests, type of device used, browser, window size, time of clicking and so on. These reports play an important role in increasing visitor engagement and site conversions. So, try today and enjoy the benefits forever and ever.

Envelope Heatmap

The Envelope view allows you to view the number of clicks on different elements of your page, be it- “header”, “text link”, “banner ads”, “ CTA buttons” or others.

On opening the Envelope report, you will be able to view “red”, “green”, “orange” and “blue” colored circles which mentions the total number of clicks for that specific element. From the least number of clicks to the maximum, the color for click on each element keeps changing from blue to green and then red. Initially, you will be able to view the total number of clicks but on clicking the color codes, you will get a more deep information on the percentage of clicks as per the total number of clicks on that page.

List Heatmap

The List report provides a glance of the information that MockingFish collects. This data is presented in the form of a tabular sheet with columns marked as- “Elements”, “Type”, “Clicks” and “Percent”. This report gives you information that highlights the exact number of clicks on every element of your page.

The “List Report” gives you an accurate information that helps you gain a comparative study of click numbers each element gets, the performance of invisible page elements as links and images and the type of content that receives most of clicks. The data acquired from “List Report” helps you organize page elements in an orderly sequence for maximum conversions.

MockingFish Website Tracking Services

Our trained and experienced web analytics experts have a core understanding of customizing and tracking web pages. They help to analyze heatmap data and generate metrics that provide you a detailed report by identifying the weak areas based on visitor flow and mouse movements.

With features like “Insights”, “Envelope” and “List”, you will be able to monitor the overall heatmap report based on number of clicks on different elements of your website. Besides, you will be able to track and segment the number of clicks based on factors like- “device type”, “new and returning visits”, “platforms”, “browser”, “time and day” and many others.

Start setting your own heatmap now for increasing click through rate (CTR) on your website.