Mockingfish FAQ

1. What is MockingFish and what features are included in it?

MockingFish is a Heatmap and A/B testing tool that lets you test web experiences with actual visitors, learn from them and deliver targeted experiences based on what you learned. It allows you to set up and run A/B tests wherein visitors are splitted equally into two version- Version “A”(Control) and Version “B”(Variation) to test different elements like landing pages, Call To Action (CTA), headlines and images against each other.

2. Why Should I buy MockingFish?

The benefits of MockingFish as a web testing and optimization tool is-

  1. To increase conversions
  2. Enhance Brand Loyalty
  3. Increase the number of visitors
  4. Increase sales and revenue
  5. Track clicks and mouse movements (HeatMap)

3. How To install MockingFish?

For installing MockingFish, you just need to add a small snippet of code to your website’s code. This snippet has a unique project ID, and it allows the experiments you create in MockingFish to execute on your site. This snippet automatically updates to run any test which you operate in MockingFish’s text editor. You need not require to change anything. Do it once, enjoy forever!!

4. Does MockingFish supports testing of 2 unique URL’s against each other? If so, How?

Yes, MockingFish supports testing entirely two different URL’s against each other by allowing your visitors to redirect on different pages. Your web visitors will not be able to view the variation of website created by you in the Editor. You need to install Snippet on both original as well as variant version for testing URL’s of both the pages. This process is helpful to maintain the ranking of website on Google’s search engine result pages (SERP’s)

5. What is Multivariate Testing (MVT)?

Performing multiple A/B tests on the same page is known as multivariate testing. For doing so, you can choose certain elements of web page like header, call to action, images etc and design different versions of each.

6. How many variables should I test at a time?

Testing multiple variables altogether does not provides an actionable answer to your queries. If you are testing multiple variables at once, you are not able to decide which of the elements actually made a difference in increasing conversion rates. Our aim is to help you, therefore you should perform a series of one variable tests to iterate your way to page you know is more effective.

7. What is a “Control” version?

“Control” is the existing version of a web page that you are about to test. Sometimes you might wish to test two versions of a web page that never existed before. Choose the one version that’s similar to how you currently design your web page and use other as the treatment.