Attention HeatMap

Attention heatmap is a form of web testing used to determine which parts of your webpage people put most attention to. They are very useful to find out which information on our webpage attracts visitors because you can use it in your own advantage.

Attention Heatmaps are popularly used for optimizing web pages that have rich quality of content. It allows you to monitor which content your visitors reads the most and which they just skip over. Based on those results, you will be able to modify your page content accordingly as per the choice of visitors.

With this Heatmap, you will easily be able to view navigation activity of visitors all over the web page with full horizontal and vertical scrolling. The attention heatmap takes account of different screen sizes and resolution to show which portion of the page has been viewed the most within user’s browser.

Attention Heatmaps play an important role to measure the effectiveness of web page design.


Identify those areas in your site that lack visitors’s interest and cause abandonment to the site. Attention Heatmap is particularly useful for eCommerce websites because they focus straight on sales and marketing.

By using Heatmap service, you will easily be able to identify the weak areas that cause shopping carts to get abandoned.

  1. Is your “Buy Now” button too small to be visible?
  2. Does Your visitors spend most of the time in browsing products?

These issues can be identified, revised and monitored to significantly reduce cart abandonment rates.

If your site revenue model is ad-based, you can easily optimize your advertising location and increase its impact. By changing ad placement, you can analyze where your visitors focus their attention mostly. In this way, you can maximize revenue and design a clean webpage layout accordingly.