Scroll Heatmap

Whenever you talk about website optimization, there are a large number of ways that click your mind at one, but sometimes it becomes tricky to decide which ones to focus on.

Looking for something new to enhance your online presence? Luckily, there are various tools available to help users analyze and deliver an actionable data. Out of all these, Scroll Heat Maps are the ones that allows tracking by delivering exact information in a way your website pages attract and engage visitors. This tool works as a real eye opener, thereby allowing you to modify changes with increased online presence.

Why your website needs to be tested with Scroll Reach Heatmaps

Scroll Reach Heat Map is generated on the basis of real time behavior analytics of  visitors on your site. It lets you view exactly how far your visitors scroll, allowing you to move and rearrange the elements of your page, thereby taking advantage of user behavior on your site.

For maximum conversions on your website, you need to position elements like “subscribe button”, “add to cart” and “buy now” in the right place. By observing at what happens on your site, you can easily decide, where the most compelling “call to action”, “images” and “content” needs to be on your web page.

Maximize the Effectiveness of Your Website

Scroll Maps indicate whether people scroll down to see what is below the fold. According to a research which reveals that most visitors look only at the top of website and not everyone scrolls down.

For example after going through scroll reach heatmap testing, you may discover that content at the bottom of page is getting a lot of attention but is being viewed only by a small fraction of visitors. By modifying the position of content and placing it above the page, you can improve the effectiveness and functionality of your web page.

Similarly, you can discover which pages require longer content and which require only a brief description so that content, image and page layout are equally proportionate based on their importance.

Improve sales with Scroll HeatMaps

By taking the guesswork out of optimising your website, Scroll maps allow you to identify problem areas using real data.

Helps to understand your customer in a more better way by improving their online experience each time they visit your website.

Your website will be able to keep visitors engaged and lead them towards the information and links you want them to see.