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It is a day of big achievement as we have brought our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool for the service of the numerous users that are having their websites on WordPress Content Management System (CMS). Now, you have the glorious opportunity to get access to our top notch A/B testing tool through Mocking Fish at an affordable price that is simply hard to resist. In order to avail our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool, WordPress site owners have to first install our A/B testing tool and then insert a small Mocking Fish code onto their CMS platform.

Mocking Fish A/B testing tool installation- 


Here are the steps that you need to consider while installing our Mocking Fish A/B testing tool.

1. Get your Mocking Fish WordPress module downloaded onto your desktop.

2. A zip archive of Mocking Fish will be downloaded onto your desktop. Extract the contents of this zip folder.

3. User need to upload this Mocking Fish WordPress folder into wp-content/plugins folder placed under the WordPress server directory through the use of FTP program.

4. Your Mocking Fish plugin will be uploaded in the list found on the plugins screen of WordPress.

5. Finally, you can click on the “Activate” button to get your Mocking Fish A/B testing tool installed.

Addition of Mocking Fish code onto your WordPress platform- 

Follow these steps to add our Mocking Fish code onto your CMS platform.

1. Site owners have to login to their WordPress admin panel.

2. Select Extensions and then Plugin Manager from your admin panel options.

3. With the help of search bar, search for your plugin, Mocking Fish.

4. Click on our Mocking Fish tool from the search results displayed.

5. A new window will be opened. Now, change the status of your A/B testing tool from disabled to enabled with the help of options available through the right hand side bar.

6. Finally, you will see a blank text area where you need to add your Mocking Fish script. Click on save button so as to add our Mocking Fish code snippet onto your WordPress CMS platform.

Now, WordPress site owners are ready to access the features and services of this Mocking Fish A/B testing tool for their business organization. So, don’t spend your hard earned money on some costly A/B testing tool when you can have a better and smarter alternative in the form of Mocking Fish that is also more cost effective.

Download plugin